Today I have finally launched my Indiegogo Crowd Funding project for the D-Day 3D scale model plans ! Go have a look. Watching is free 😉

My goal is to raise enough money to buy a 3D printer and supporting material so I can turn the FSX D-Day models into plastic models that will ultimately become scale model kits or objects.

At least one entire set of the Mulberry Harbour that I hope to create this way will be donated to a D-Day Museum – or in case of major success even to multiple museums.
As with the FSX D-Day Project the main drivers here are to make a modest buck AND to provide a hands-on way of collecting and remembering some of the most important moments and places of the Second World War and allow future generations to understand by providing a more visual way of presentation.

The funding is needed because I simply don’t have money left to invest at this time. The websites, servers and PC’s and associated costs gobble up all the FS profits.
So hoping you will contribute and join, or at the very minimum SPREAD THE WORD allowing me to start this exciting project and new business.

THANK YOU in advance for any help you can muster !!

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