YAY !!! Only 4 days ‘late’…….. *sigh*. There’s always MORE work than one anticipates in releasing a software package. But now it is done. The delay was caused by me wanting to make the User Manual more explicit, and by having the installer tested by a few more people. All seems okay now…… but hey., this is software development, so no doubt something will go haywire anyway!

Included in the package (and please, please, PLEASE read the manual FIRST!) are the freeware FSAddon libraries and the first of a series of D-Day modules; Courseulles-sur-Mer. The project is based upon FranceVFR/FSAddon’s Normandy 1944 for FSX product, but can be used ‘as is’ as well…… up to you.

Oh, and did I mention it is FREE? Officially that means NO SUPPORT. But me being me and knowing myself I also know that such will never happen…… just hope you all get it working and will be patient enough to wait for the PATCHES and further development !

Oh, where to find it? Check out the Download tab and click on FREE STUFF…… that’s where !

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