From time to time we provide updates or expansions to our commercial products. Either because we found solutions to known problems, or just because we wanted to further improve what we already marketed.

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SQR-Hudson-150Lockheed Hudson

Update #1 – download it here.




Update #1 addresses a number of issues:

  • the small window clickspot on the pilot side is now on the lock knob at the right side of the window handle.
  • the manifold pressure gauge for engine 2 is now corrected.
  • the prop feathering has been corrected. To feather a prop first hit the feathering knob then drag the fuel mixture lever to the cut-off position.
  • the small vents on the cowl sides are removed.
  • The hopping and bobbing of the aircraft while on the ground is hopefully now gone too. On my system the aircraft is now as solid as a rock while on the ground and during view changes.
  • The aircraft remains slippery. I did some changes to make the slowing down a little quicker. One should just remember that slowing down on landings without the flaps extended will result in a slow decay of speed. With flaps extended the aircraft slows down pretty quick. I think this behavior is in line with what is explained in the Pilot Notes of the real aircraft.