lancastercoverIn between travel and 3D modeling I also get to read stuff…… usually as part of the research I do for various projects, sometimes just because I am interested in many things. Here’s a book I recently received for review from Pen & Sword Publishing, about one of the few remaining Lancaster bombers.

“….During her career, well over two hundred airmen flew in J. None were killed while doing so, but ninety-six of them died in other aircraft. This is their story, and the story of one lucky Lancaster…..”.

200 pages, hard cover. That may not seem like much. It is less than one page for every man that served on the Lancaster bomber with registration W4964, WS-J, aka J-Johnny Walker. Still, it took me quite some time to read the book. Where ‘read’ is probably not the proper word. I rather ‘researched’ it. And that takes time.

Read the full review here !

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