The Overlord operation could not have done without ‘the Navy’ of course. How else would ALL of those men and machines been taken across the Channel and landed on the beaches and in the harbours in France. Now that I am building a model of the Mulberry harbour, I also need ships to USE those harbours of course.

And what better ship to start off with than the venerable Landing Ship, Tank, or LST. These were the ships affectionably called Large Slow target by their crews and responsible for landing all the men and their equipment early on during D-Day and the months to follow. After starting my research and initial modelling I was lucky enough to happen upon the US crew of the LST Memorial in the US. They are volunteers, operating one of the very last remaining LST’s in the world and have done a awesome job of restoring the ship, opening it to the public AND sailing it on tours! They are on one of such tours at this very moment, docked in Charleston.
Should you live in that area be sure to pay the ship a visit and maybe donate a few dollars to help them preserve this iconic landing ship!

I picked up a little video on Youtube by the local news agency showing the very ship. And below I have added a rendered shot of my current model building projects….. the Mulberry Spud Pier and Whales, the LST 325 and an LCT Mk5 on its deck !

Oh and here’s what it will look like WAY down the road, in FSX……



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