The WWII Glider Quest is not a flightsim project in the first place, but we DO use the flightsim with it, both for documentation and as a research tool !

WWII Glider Quest is the attempt by the son of a former Waco glider pilot to retrace the footsteps of his Dad back in 1944 and 1945 when he was a co-pilot and pilot in Waco gliders. The son is Robert L. Brown from North Carolina, and the father we are researching is William “Bill” H. Brown from Sumter, NC. Bill Brown landed his glider in a field near Hiesville in Normandy in the night of June 6th, and later took part in the Operation Market Garden, landing in The Netherlands, and Operation Varsity, landing his Waco in Germany. He survived all these operations and lived to tell his stories.

We are now trying to pinpoint his exact landing spots AND write a book about his adventures, the research project we are doing and – hopefully – the visit of Bill’s son to the actual landing sites, 70 years later.

You can follow the progress of the project on the dedicated website, the WW2 Glider Quest Blog .