a133754Due to holidays, travel, other work and then some private issues I am running behind my original schedules. Yeah, what else is new, I know ! But now I have started work on the Courseulles scenery again and am determined to get it published in the next few days ! It is by no way ‘complete’ in the sense that I had in mind when starting it, but it will give you a fairly good idea of what to expect for the entire Normandy coast…… eventually 🙂

December is always a bad month…….. too much work ! We need to re-arrange our shops for Holiday Discounts, spend time with friends and family, work on a gazillion other projects and all with receding time frames. Nevertheless, I want to get something OUT to you all.

Laurent is having pretty much the same issues, working hard to get new products (that pay the rent) out to the community and having less time for other things such as the Normandy niche market. But he too is still steadily plowing on with it!

Last but not least our Avro Anson promises to be a real masterpice again from Simon and we hope to have it available early next year – sorry, not before the Holidays, just too much stress and we don’t want to rush it out unfinished. We WILL have a for early buyers though, so stay tuned !

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