More information on Normandy

In the process of designing the virtual Normandy, we find a LOT of information and would like to publish at least part of it for your convenience. Some of the websites we find can easily entertain one for many months !!

Resources for our work

We cannot list everything we use here, there’s too much. And some of it is confidential (copyright/contract) even. But one thing I WOULD like to share with you is this interesting map of Normandy, published in 1947, with some hindsight printed on it. I say ‘some’, because even NOW historians are digging in files and archives to paste together the FULL history of those months in 1944.

The map was (and is) published by Michelin and is the main source for some of our scenery planning. You can order it on-line from the Michelin shop if you want a copy for yourself. If you have ANY interest in D-Day and the months following, this is a must have ! Only Euro 5,69 !


WW2Today Tweets

One of my personal favorites is this one:  It runs as a Twitter or Facebook account, reporting day by day what happened 70 years ago. If Twitter would have existed back then, soldiers could have tweeted these facts!


Normandie44 La Mémoire

or Normandy 44 The Memory. This is a site that lists many of the museums, battle sites, monuments and cemeteries, each and every one with a short description, the GPS coordinates and the entrance fee.

I found the ‘mobile version’ to be very handy and less cluttered than the main site.



BBC’s World War 2 pages

This is an excellent site from the BBC. Listed HERE is the link to the D-Day Special Pages, but this is part of a much larger web site. D-Day is part of the Word War 2 History, which in turn is part of the BBC History site, worth a visit in itself with much to discover !


D-Day Historian – tours

Paul Woodadge is offering his expertise and organizes tours over the former battle fields. All information on his services on his website the DDayHistorian. You can read more about his drive and qualifications on his ‘About me’ page.