The Normandy 1944 Project

Normandy 1944 for FSX is a very special product brought to you by FranceVFR and FSAddon Publishing.


No Sirree…… we aim Normandy 1944 to be much more. A BASE package of black-and-white ORIGINAL aerial photo textures of the era. And a number of very nice FSX aircraft from the era, also in black-and-white. That’s what you get when ‘buying in’ to our idea…..

But THERE IS MORE! This WEBSITE for instance, and FranceVFR’s dedicated site as well; FS Historic. And the dedicated FORUMS! The aim of those being to FORM A COMMUNITY of all those with an interest in D-Day, the before and after, the history of one of the largest battles and operations ever executed.

AND we’ll have FREEWARE products to complement the Base Package. We’re hard at work ourselves of adding detailed parts of scenery into the Normandy country. Bunkers at the coast, FLAK to protect installations and airfields, explosion effects for the action and ships and vehicles to indicate battle and transport.

And we have THIRD PARTY developers HELPING us too, and hopefully ADDING more scenery and effects. Already we have received a LOT of free objects, advice and help from others. (THANK YOU, GUYS!)

Released now !!

Normandy 1944 for FSX is the commercial FranceVFR/FSAddon Base Package upon which we (and others) will release a number of other add-ons, both commercial and FREEWARE!
And yes, this is SPECIAL! Since there are NO colour photos of that era AND because we wanted to reproduce the atmosphere as you know it from old movies and documentaries, we decided to keep everything in Black and White ! That INCLUDES the special versions of the aircraft you get with this package!

Of course not everybody may like it, and of course you are free to use coloured aircraft and objects over the scenery (in fact, the add-ons I am building are coloured for now, but that is more due to my own limited skill levels), but we feel the B&W really gives an authenticity to the scenes that would otherwise not exist.

Normandy 1944 for FSX is a cooperation project of two very dedicated FS add-on companies; Lauent Dupouys’ FranceVFR and Francois Dumas’ FSAddon Publishing.

The initial package contains:

original B&W aerial photos of the 1946 situation

– full mesh for the Normandy region

4 ‘light’ versions of airplanes of that era

– a steerable FREE landing craft (Higgins Boat) courtesy of Bruce Fitzgerald

initial sound/visual AA (FLAK)  effects courtesy of James De Burghe


Soon after we are releasing the first of many enhancements that will make the Normandy coast look like what it must have been before, ON and after June 6th, 1944.

The first add-on is Courseulles-sur-Mèr, a little village and beach that had 5 coastal defense bunkers and some FLAK.
In the package you will find Higgins landing boats, our first LCT, bunkers, beach obstructions and more effects. You can download it from our Download Section here on the website as soon as it is ready later this year!


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3 Responses to The Normandy 1944 Project

  1. […]   FSAddon Publishing联合FranceVFR制作的诺曼底1944插件将聚集大量粉丝。 第一个插件包即将发布,之后将有收费和免费插件发布。 诺曼底1944是黑白照片贴图,使用1946年的卫星照片制作。插件还带来定制地形和四个黑白涂装的飞机,使用FLAK效果。 […]

  2. […] Normandy 1944 est constitué de textures photoréalistes en noir et blanc, réalisées à partir des vues aériennes réelles datant de 1946. Le relief et des objets caractéristiques seront placés en région Normandie, le tout servi avec 4 appareils également texturés en noir et blanc, qui pourront voler à travers les effets visuels et sonores de la défense anti-aérienne. […]

  3. […] Normandy 1944 is a set of photoreal textures in black and white, made of the aerial views dated in 1946. Custom mesh and objects for Normandy region will be bundled with 4 aircraft also delivered in black and white, flying through FLAK effects. […]