FSClassics started out as a site about World War 2 aircraft. And more in specific, the ones that we started with at FSAddon Publishing. The Westland Lysander, also known as ‘Lizzie’ was our very first and a pet project of myself. Then others followed.

But…… after starting the Normandy project with FranceVFR we decided to expand the scope of the site and make it cover our scenery projects as well.

The enthusiastic and very specific ‘following’ of our Lysander for Flight Simulator X was the initial push to start a website about the Lysander. Due to time constraints that never happened. But now that we have more than just that one aircraft AND a large group of customers who love these special planes and their history as much as I do, I figured it is time to give this another try.

And now NOT only for the Lysander, but also for the other aircraft AND scenery that we have made ourselves, and also include some of the very nice aircraft made by other developers! The idea is to have a place where we can show our aircraft, share their history, share maybe add-ons for them, and discuss them and their operations. Sort of a virtual, on-line vintage warbirds club.

A work in progress… and I sure as heck can use some help in writing stuff !!! 🙂