No, nothing to do with Lancaster bombers. ‘Bill Lancaster – The final verdict’ is a book I am currently reading. and I am not even halfway through, but thought to report on it to my Flightsim friends. I’ll have an extended review of the actual book posted later next month, but……. the first chapters reminded me of two products we published by Jaap van Hees and his re-enactment of the journey of the DC-2 ‘Uiver’ in the Melbourne Air race back in 1934.

Bill Lancaster, and his partner and ‘mistress’ Chubbie made a similar flight, but in a small Avro Avian biplane, a light aircraft. The first chapters describe the preparations and actual journey of these two adventurous people, their mishaps, extremely risky flying, and ultimate success.

Now, since Jaap built the Melbourne air race as an ‘adventure’ to ‘play’ in Microsoft Flight simulator, I thought I’d mention this here already, as a perfect ‘follow-up’ to that mission. I’ll be publishing more details on the flights later this year, so you can attempt at doing it in your simulator…… I don’t think there’s an Avro Avian available anywhere, but a similar bi-plane would do.

And you can of course buy the book yourself here, and beat me to it !! 😉



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