Yup, I am decluttering my life. Turned 68, got a small retirement at last, and am stopping all activities that cost money, especially my commercial Flight Simulator related ones. So FSAddon Publishing is now GONE.
That sounds easy. It isn’t.
Over the past near 20 years I have linked so many forums, websites, news items and emails together……. a real Internet Spaghetti. So if you still run into ‘ FSAddon’ in the next few months….. well, too bad. But know it no longer exists.

Having said that, it seems a waste to throw away all products we made over the years or the links to knowledge. Also, Simon Smeiman still needs your money badly, so I will try and support him as much as I can in the near future. But I just cannot be as active as I once was……. the old bones and brain are not cooperating.

AND……. I finally want to build me a modest home cockpit too. Have been preparing our renovated house in Italy to accommodate it and am now nearly at the point where I can start building. Only thing I still need is a new processor in my new motherboard of the FS PC……

Wishing you all a wonderful and above all Covid-free 2021…. and will be happy seeing you again in flightsim forums, and here on my FSClassics website.


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