The 70th commemoration of D-Day came and went and I was too busy to post anything here. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t following events. I even opened a NEW on-line NEWSPAPER on the subject of D-Day: see it here !
And I’ve been retweeting tweets, sharing Facebook posts and articles and collecting tons of information again….. one day it will all be available in some or other organized form. <I keep dreaming>

Meanwhile I wanted to share this wonderful video with you here. It is taken with, in and from the PH-PBA, a veteran C-47 that took part in the para droppings in Normandy, and has been flying for the Dutch DDA organization for many years. I was one of the early members of that group and so added my very modest little contribution to keep the PH-PBA flying !

Enjoy the images, and maybe do the same flight with one of the available FSX DC-3’s 🙂

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