Courseulles-install-bgnd-600Since I am not an experienced freeware developer I am not sure I should just drop my files ‘on the market’ and add a simple readme file to them. Been doing commercial products for over 10 years now and that just doesn’t feel right. So I am working on an installer that will help put Courseulles-sur-Mer in its right place……….

…… But it will do more. It will in fact set up the D-Day Project Framework on your PC, so subsequent updates will all go nicely into a standardized setup. And don’t be afraid…. you can always install on a temporary disk of your choice and still move everything where you want it should you so desire. The wonderful thing about freeware is that I don’t have to worry about anything……. since it’s free ! *cough*

The picture you see is the background of the Installer package for Courseulles. Still need to make some documentation to go with it, not in the least so I can credit all those that have contributed to my first ever Freeware Fumblings Version 0.9 ! Oh yes, there will be updates and patches…. because I am not satisfied myself yet.

The way I have set this project up is that you will see a folder structure including a number of object libraries in the (MS) Scenery Addon folder. some effects in the (MS) Effects folder and then FOUR entries in the D-Day range in the FSAddonFolder. These four separate scenery entries will contain the situation before, during, after and longer after the actual attack.

I will install future (sub)modules INSIDE these libraries. So when you will have the Courseulles files in the D-Day Attack folder now, the future ‘Arromanches’, ‘Bernieres’ and other packages will ALSO go there. That way you can make EITHER ONE of those 4 scenery entries ACTIVE and have ALL the sub-modules available and active at the same time.

If you want to switch from the situation before D-Day to the June 6 situation, you just UNcheck the D-Day Defense scenery and Check the D-Day Attack scenery in your Scenery Library.

Simple, uh? I just hope it will work !

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