Maybe one day we’ll find enough content AND enough time to build a true ‘library’ here.

For now you’ll have to browse through this page and find things yourself. We’ll be adding more when we have it. Don’t forget to look for product patches on the publisher’s regular websites!


Download the Higgins BoatBruce Fitzgerald’s pilotable Higgins Boat

The Higgins Boat was the ‘landing craft’ used extensively by the US forces in the various landing operations in World War 2. It is included in our Normandy 1944 for FSX package, but also freely available for download here. You can use it even if you do not have Normandy 1944 installed.

This boat comes in three versions: empty, with a Willys Jeep, or with some soldiers. (and yes, I KNOW they have only one leg……. for now….. ).


D-Day-Manual-300sqHere is the D-Day Manual. It explains where to download and How to Install the various libraries and the base folder structure for our D-Day Project. Make sure you download all the bits and pieces and various libraries so you will get the most out of the (future) D-Day modules.



D-Day-Courseulles-300sqThe VERY FIRST module of the D-Day Project. This is a fully automated installer package and it will load the D-Day FSAddon object libraries into your FSX\Addon Scenery folder (and make the entries in your scenery.cfg).

It ALSO includes the (first) Defense and Attack phases of Courseulles-sur-Mer. This part of the Juno sector, called Mike Beach, was assigned to the Winnipeg Rifles of Canada. I have included this first module (of many to follow) so you will have the basic folder structure of your D-Day Project already in place after installation. All subsequent freeware modules of the D-Day Project will be loaded into these folders and no further entries in the scenery.cfg are necessary.