That’s what it may look like, since there is no news on the site currently. BUT…. LOTS of things are happening. Not the least of it all is our project of MOVING to a rural home somewhere in the midst of……. ITALY ! We’ve been wanting to move out of the often cold and wet Holland to a place more benign to our aging bones and we suddenly were confronted with an exceptional opportunity somewhere in the green heart of Italy, Umbria. We bought a house that needs to be finished and we are hard at work trying to get things ready to actually go live there. Including moving our secondary office from France to Italy ! AND selling our apartment in France (shameless plug), to cover for the cost of completing our new home!

This of course and unfortunately means a hiatus in the work done on Normandy and other models for the moment. But as soon as we’re settled down, have warm water, a kitchen, a bed and internet connection I’ll be back at work on those projects.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for Simon Smeiman to finish his AVRO Anson model. Simon is wrestling with his own lack of time and means and so the Avro is moving ahead only very slowly. Apologies for that, but alas, real life has a tendency to interfere with our virtual lives, work and hobbies !

Same holds true for Laurent at FranceVFR. He is forced to work on some of his better-paying projects and is only slowly moving ahead on the Normandy 1944 extensions and other detail work he was doing for my Normandy add-ons. The economic woes everywhere linked to a decline in the FS hobby sales are forcing many of us to re-focus on other things just to stay afloat.

But…… we won’t give up and a delay certainly does not mean the end of it all. Will keep you updated of any progress, hobby and real, and hope to be back real soon with some FS/history news!


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