Lockheed Hudson and Lockheed Electra

This Hudson ‘Package’ is one of our SPECIALS again. And we kept the title ‘short’ for reasons of practicality, but actually this is an entire set of aircraft, both military and civilian, because it not only contains ALL the Hudson models from Mk I to Mk VI, The A28 an A-29 and the American PBO, but also includes the Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra and the Lockheed Model 18-56 Lodestar.

It is also ‘special’ because like our Lysander model it is made with the clandestine S.O.E. flights in mind,that were carried out during WW2 over and into occupied territory. The Hudsons would land in the middle of the night on farm land and small airfields, only guided by a few people on the ground holding torches !

With our soon-to-be-released FREEWARE Operations Package you can reproduce these secret operations yourself.

But you can also take the Hudson to bomb the Normandy coast (bombs and effects included!), or go submarine hunting in the Pacific (depth charges show great effects!). Or save some downed airmen by dropping them a lifeboat. MANY effects and many versions!

These are all the models included.

  • Model 14 Super Electra
  • Hudson Mk1
  • Hudson Mk II
  • Hudson Mk III-A
  • Hudson Mk IV
  • Hudson Mk V
  • Hudson Mk VI-A
  • Hudson A28
  • Hudson A29
  • Hudson PBO-1
  • Hudson Model 18-56 Lodestar

PLUS a huge number of effects and animations.
PLUS a free paintkit.

To be released separately later we have the Hudson Operations Package that includes the ‘old’ Lysander missions and scenery for those of you who didn’t have that, PLUS a number of NEW operations and landing zones, specifically for the Hudson operations, but also suitable – and often used as such in reality too – for the Lysander !

Please check our website regularly for download of more ‘operations’ !

Prepar3d Installer INCLUDED !