Westland Lysander Secret Operations


I think I will settle on that title.

‘Westland Lysander for FSX’ just doesn’t cut it.
We have included a lot of documentation of some of the secret missions these planes and their brave pilots carried out behind enemy lines during World War 2. Initially designed as an army cooperation aircraft and new light bomber before the war, the Lysanders most famous actions were those carried out for the SOE to ferry resistance leaders and agents to and from occupied France.

There’s an huge chunk of history attached to this aircraft, its pilots and the squadrons it flew in, and you will find much of that in the extensive documentation we provide with it.

The model we have initially portrayed in our package is that of an SOE Lysander as it is now preserved (and still flying!) at the Shuttleworth Collection at the Old Warden airfield in the UK. The project started with buying a book written by one of its war time pilots, Hugh Verity, and from there on it became one of my personal pet projects.

BECAUSE it was (and is) a personal pet project, I kept pouring money into it, instead of giving up after the umpteenth designer let me down. So the end result now is a beautiful, fully working model and realistic for FSX, supported by a wealth of extra’s in terms of research, documentation, scenery even…. and Operation Guidelines.

That’s right. You not only get the beautiful STOL aircraft, but also a comprehensive set of operational documents allowing you to try your hand at what these brave and skilled pilots did in the war: fly by the light of the moon, navigate by streams, rivers, railroads, lakes and other landmarks visible in the moonlight….. and your compass….. and find minuscule torch lights flashing for you to land and pick up agents before the German Gestapo got on to it!

I can guarantee you many evenings and nights of breathtaking flying, and maybe some frustration at first, too. I know because I did it. I flew each and every mission, most of them many times. And although I am obviously biased, this being my Pet Project and being an aviation and WW2 buff at that, this truly is one of the best things I’ve done in years using Flight Simulator!

And please, do not think that this is not for you if you are an airline pilot used to FMC’s, electronics, endless check lists and hours of flight preparation.
One of the most experienced pilots at Old Warden, flying the ‘Lizzie’ and many of the other historical aircraft, is an active British Airbus captain, who now lives in France and comes over almost every week to fly these ‘real’ aircraft!




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And yes, it looks EASY at day time….. now try with moonlight only ! 🙂


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