We are working hard ‘behind the scenes’ on a major update of FSClassics. We are introducing a brand new project, especially aimed at World War 2 ‘fans’ and covering one of theĀ  largest operations of all times in military history. We’re also working om getting this $&%^#&* ‘member system’ implemented so we can provide you with some ‘goodies’ in future.

The idea of FSClassics is to provide a new ‘community’ of like minded people loving WW2 aircraft and their operational theatres and to provide not only background of all of this, but also new and existing products. In addition we will cover commercial products, freeware and MEMBERWARE (paid members get discounts on some products and even some unique offerings not available to guests and free members.

More on all that later. First things first, and that’s happening as we speak. GRAND OPENING expected in a few weeks from now, so stay tuned !!

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