Normandy 1944 for FSX

The scenery series ‘Historic’ for Microsoft Flight Simulator X ® offers a new approach to the flight simulation hobby by providing a photorealistic ground texture cover based on real photographs from the Second World War (1946/1947). The resulting view of the countryside will not only provide a new basis for the implementation of future historical scenery titles, but also allows you to discover the landscape of the era and the all the history of the region.

The product ‘Normandy 1944’ allows you to specifically discover the theater of the Allied landing operations back in 1944, Operation Neptune!

To achieve the maximum immersion in ‘Normandy 1944’ it comes complete with no less than four vintage aircraft and a steerable landing craft.
Many add-ons and other free and/or commercial bonuses will be offered later through our sites and forums. It is our goal to (help) create a real community around this range of new and original products …
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The initial package contains:

original B&W aerial photos of the 1946 situation

– full mesh for the Normandy region

4 ‘light’ versions of airplanes of that era courtesy of FSAddon Publishing

– a steerable FREE landing craft (Higgins Boat) courtesy of Bruce Fitzgerald

initial sound/visual AA (FLAK)  effects courtesy of James De Burghe



Now also available from and from (i.e. Aerosoft)


Technical Specifications

  • High resolution photoreal scenery covering the ‘Manche’ (50) & ‘Calvados’ (14) French departments of the Normandy region with black & white photos from 1946/1947.
  • 1 meter resolution ground texture (black & white) made from vintage aerial photography (IGN) adapted for an optimal visual rendition in Flight Simulator X®.
  • High resolution real 4.75 meter (LOD13) optimized custom mesh incuded.
  • 4 vintage aircraft provided (GFA Super Cub, Cessna Bobcat Military, Lysander et Fieseler Storch) and a Steerable landing craft including vintage black & white repaints.
  • Special waterclass customized to specific vintage textures.
  • Coastline (and parts of lakes and rivers) waterbodies fitting the texture.
  • Extremely precise geo-referenced texture positionning is carried out in order to ensure a maximal compatibility with scenery add-ons for this region.
  • Process development is fully conform to the Microsoft Flight Simulator X® SDK, ensuring a maximal compatibility with future versions of Flight Simulator.
  • Open scenery concept allows an easy integration of scenery add-ons from other editors.

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